Rapide-des-Îles Generating Station

Saint-Eugène-de-Guigues, Qc

Spillway rehabilitation

Hydro-Quebec mandated HMI to repair the spillway gates at the Rapide-des-Îles Generating station.

Complete water passages upgrade

The project consisted in civil, mechanical and electrical fields in order to restore the functionality of the gates and to minimize the impacts of concrete deformation on the gate operation.

The challenge

  • Realign and reposition the gates and embedded guides due to concrete deformation caused by alkali-aggregate reaction (RAG), which caused gates #4 and # 6 to become inoperable.
  • Work to be realized while plant was maintained in operation.

The result

  • Functionality of the gates restored and minimization of the impacts of the concrete deformation created during the past 60 years.
  • Work realized with the generating station under operation.


$ 5.0 Million


Completed in 2012

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