Hidroelectrica Rio Lajas

Turrialba, Costa Rica

New hydroelectric project

With a power output of 11.2 MW produced by two horizontal-axis francis turbine/generators, the powerhouse provides guaranteed power to the national grid during two daily peak periods.

New man-made reservoir

Management of this peak demand is ensured by headwater works consisting of a 100,000 m3 reservoir located 2.5 km upstream of the powerhouse and having a 220-m head, regulating the flow coming from three harnessed rivers. All access roads, river intakes structures, waterways, penstock, tailrace channel and all electrical equipment were also part of this turnkey project.

The challenge

  • Design and build a complete hydroelectric generating station, complete with dams and reservoir to harness three rivers and provide power to the national grid during peak hours.
  • Work to be performed during the rainy season

The result

  • Complete hydroelectric power generation plant under an EPC based contract
  • EPC installation of two horizontal-axis Francis turbine-generators
  • Man made 100,000 m3 water reservoir with penstoks


$ 20.0 Million



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