Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd

Corner Brook, Nfld

Implementation of a cogeneration facility in a P&P plant

The project consisted of adding a new superheater and associated instrumentation to the existing power boiler No. 7 in order to produce high-pressure steam to run a back-pressure steam turbine with single automatic extraction.

Work realized while remaining in operation

The project also included all associated civil, architectural, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work. The project involved many technical challenges achieved with success, such as fitting this new equipment in a tight existing building, commissioning of new equipment and gradual integration to the Mill's process.

The challenge

  • Integrate all new equipment in a tight schedule with minimum impact on the operations of the plant.
  • Work in a remote area requiring coordination for transport restrictions.

The result

  • New water treatment plant.
  • Re-configured condensate return system.
  • New Siemens steam turbine with fast acting by-pass valves.


$ 19.6 Millions



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