Centre International de Couchage CIC inc.

Trois-Rivières, Qc

Testing facility for supercalendering

HMI has undertaken the turnkey construction of a pilot-scale facility for the testing and development of products for coating applications in the pulp and paper industry.

High speed paper press

This plant will enable suppliers and paper manufacturers to develop new coated paper products. It will offer coating through a metering size press or a coater, complete with infrared and air flotation drying capabilities, soft calendering and supercalendering.

The challenge

  • Undertake the turnkey design and building of a state-of-the-art paper coating test-bench with extremely high speed.
  • Build test benches that provide protection of the client’s confidential testing data.

The result

  • Complete facility, including:
    - New building
    - Metering size press and coater
    - Infrared and floater drying capabilities
    - Softnip calendaring
    - Supercalendering


$ 29,8 million



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