Rocher-de-Grand-Mère Generating Station

St- Grand-Mère, Québec

Radial gates isolation

Hydro-Québec awarded HMI the mandate to repair the three spillway radial gates of the Rocher de Grand-Mère generating station.

Heated seal joints

The work consisted in installing on the spillway radial gate downstream side, steel enclosures including insulation, the electrical work required to control the air heaters as well as replacing the gate sealing joints. This project was completed at the end of 2011.

The challenge

  • Implement new electrical equipment in a short timeframe, which limits ice formation on the seals.
  • Develop efficient construction methods to ensure the implementation of these complex structures
  • Work to be realized under operating conditions

The result

  • Important optimization in the execution of the work.
  • Work completed one month before the deadline.
  • Team’s efficiency was recognized by our client


$ 1.9 Million



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