HMI offers a unique and innovative approach

EPC Approach

Over the last half century, HMI has developed a unique turnkey approach that relies heavily on “up-front” planning in strategic areas such as engineering and procurement. Our approach ensures that construction goes smoothly, according to schedule and remains within budget.


In the process, we have developed innovative project management tools that have proven their worth time and again. Some have even become standard industry practices.


When you work with HMI, you can be sure of solid industry knowledge in:


  • Project management with proven management tools
  • Design development
  • Capital cost estimation
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Design and implementation of distributed control systems
  • General and specialty contracting
  • Pre-Operational Verification (POV)
  • Commissioning and start-up

Innovative partnership approach

In addition to traditional design built contracting  models, innovative partnership approaches are now being chosen for projects for their procurement strategy as it encourages collaboration between the owner, designer and builder. Typically, the project is divided into two phases: Design Development phase and Design and Construction phase.


As an example, after HMI was selected as the preferred gates and hoist design-build vendor through a publicly tendered process in 2008, a partnership agreement was reached with BC Hydro for their Spillway Gates Reliability Upgrade Program in 2009. This program consists in the upgrade of spillway gate systems including gates, hoists, civil, electrical and protection and control systems at 22 of BC Hydro’s dams.


This innovative partnership approach offers the following advantages:


  • Allows the owner to contribute in the design and evaluation process of the project;
  • Benefits from the principal’s implication in the selection of preferred suppliers and equipments;
  • Benefits from best valued proposals from suppliers, without affecting the contractual responsibility provided by the design/construction firm;
  • Offers a single guaranteed bonded price from a specialised design/construction firm;
  • Shares and jointly manages the risks allocations for the project;
  • Eases transition from design to construction Contracts; and
  • Benefits from constructability reviews between the principal, the designer and the builder to avoid costly extra in projects.

Contractual approach

HMI has realized several projects under this contractual approach and still offers their  construction services as General Contractor for large projects in the Energy, Industrial and Environmental fields.