Our company

Innovation and excellence for quality work

About us

HMI is an experienced and recognized industrial construction company, specialized in the realization of sizeable performance oriented projects.


Founded in 1956, HMI rapidly developed an enviable reputation in turn-key projects developing its field of expertise in the complete realization of major industrial projects.


During the eighties, the company has diversified its known turn-key expertise around three main areas: The energy sector, the environmental sector and the industrial sector.


Today, HMI is recognized for its experience and its expertise in the completion of turn-key projects all across Canada. Our clients benefit from innovative planning and execution approach, as well as many other services in construction and project management.


Our mission

Construct durability through ingenious engineering.


Ours Values, at HMI


  • Client Perspective
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

Important dates

1956  Creation of Hydro-Mécanique inc. By M. Roland Harnois and Pierre Raymond, as manufacture’s agent.


1967 Hydro-Mécanique Construction inc. wins a first  major contract for the installation of the water treatment plant in Loretteville, QC.


1988 Groupe Laperrière & Verreault (GL&V) acquires Hydro-Mécanique Construction inc. and M. Louis Laperrière becomes its president.


1989 First major turn-key contract : The Magdalen Island new thermal power plant, with a value of  $ 155 millions


1995 Hydro-Mécanique Construction inc. wins its first contract for the rehabilitation of the intake and darfttube gates of the Beauharnois generating station


1999 M. Louis Laperrière acquires Hydro-Mécanique Construction inc. from  Groupe Laperrière & Verreault (GL&V).


2004 M. Guy Gaudet acquires Hydro-Mécanique Construction inc. and the company changes name to HMI Construction Inc.


2008 HMI wins a first contract with BC Hydro for the rehabilitation of the Seton, Cheakamus and Terzaghi spillways.


2009 HMI opens a permanent office in British Columbia


2009 Signature of the Partnering Agreement with BC Hydro for the rehabilitation of 22 spillways including the gates, hoists, civil work, electrical work, and all protection and control.