Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd

Corner Brook, Nfld

Title 1

The project consisted of adding a new superheater and associated instrumentation to the existing power boiler No. 7 in order to produce high-pressure steam to run a back-pressure steam turbine with single automatic extraction.

Title 2

The project also included all associated civil, architectural, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work. The project involved many technical challenges achieved with success, such as fitting this new equipment in a tight existing building, commissioning of new equipment and gradual integration to the Mill's process.

Le défi

  • Integrate all new equipment in a tight schedule with minimum impact on the operations of the plant.
  • Work in a remote area requiring coordination for transport restrictions.

Le résultat

  • New water treatment plant.
  • Re-configured condensate return system.
  • New Siemens steam turbine with fast acting by-pass valves.


$19.6 million



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